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Grimbaldus Productions draws its name from the founder of our family, a knight named Grimbaldus who fought on the Norman side during the Battle of Hastings in AD 1066. He is reported to be have a kinship to William the Conqueror. He evidently took his name from Saint Grimbald, a Norman who went to England a century and a half before him. By tracing down one single thread of Grimbaldus' lineage, (which averages over four adult children per generation for 28 generations), it is statistically evident that over a billion people are now related to this one man. If you are of Anglo-American heritage, it is probable that Grimbaldus is one of your ancestors.


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The founders of Normandy House Publishing are descended from Grimbaldus, and we look with pride to our thousand-year Norman heritage. Normandy House is dedicated to education and to inspiration. We do this by bringing the past to life with stories of great passion and excitement. We also strive to publish works that go "beyond the sound byte" inspire the modern mind with fresh and educational perspectives on topics that many people believe are too complicated.


Our logo:

Our logo is a tiny segment of the 11th century Bayeax Tapestry. Our selected knight is representative of Grimbaldus, an anonymous member out of the vast army on the tapestry, who is nonetheless integrally woven into this fabric of history. The tapestry, like history, might well have unraveled differently, were it not for our our little knight. He, like us, saw history in the making, every day of his life. His anonymous contributions have been felt for centuries. So too will all of our contributions have an impact far beyond our lives.


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