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From the back cover of My Grandfathers' Clock:

Why did you hate history?
You could have loved it. Here's your chance! And once you've experienced it, share it with your dad.

My Grandfathers' Clock
immerses you in the age, with real characters you care about, living lives like yours. You'll be a part of history as real people lived it: not as kings and explorers, but as clerks and soldiers and merchants, students, teachers, lawyers and tradesmen. These are the people who made and lived the grand saga. These are your ancestors, and you can find your heritage through them.

You will feel the adrenaline of medieval battle and the oppression of feudal life. Your frustration will build to a traitor's passion and a crusader's zeal. You will feel empowerment as you contemplate the changes that the Magna Carta will make to your life. You will search for truth in the early universities, only to face terror as the Black Death enters your home.

Your spirit will soar in the art of the Renaissance, and your senses will be challenged by the discoveries of the New World. You will question your faith, as you walk the thin line between treason and heresy in Tudor England's Via Media. You will agonize, and then resolve to tear your family from your ancient home, to build a new, purer life in America. You'll face mortality in Massachusetts, with only herbal medicines between you and the grave. You'll prepare for revolution, and then make ends meet in the economic ruin that follows. You'll exhaust yourself opening the American west, and rage against slavery in the pulpit, as you await the latest news form Fort Sumter. You'll open the world's eyes to the wonders of communications, the airplane, and finally, of space.

My Grandfathers' Clock is a story so broad, so moving, and so powerful that no one person could invent it. It is spectacular because it is real. Twenty-eight generations of one family bring history to life, each father contributing a single day to history, so that his son can carry on. Part of your own family history is likely in this book: over a billion people have branched form this ancient lineage. Celebrate the bond of fathers and sons through a millennium of the Anglo-American experience!

You'll find that there's more to My Grandfathers' Clock than a great story:
You'll learn
You'll laugh
You'll be inspired
...You'll be blown away.
Didn't "get" history? Get this book!
Got a father? Get this book for him! (but read it first!)

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