A noted scientist at the leading edge of space exploration has established a way to transport people into the past, and to see their children's future. Dr. Jack Bacon, a key contributor to the International Space Station program, has created a journey through a thousand years of Anglo-American history with the publication of My Grandfathers' Clock. A remarkable blend of genealogy, history, technology, and of raw human spirit, My Grandfathers' Clock propels the reader through a millennium of progress as lived by a real continuous line of 28 generations. The depth of Bacon's genealogy is astounding enough, but his family saga is merely a framework for his sweeping exploration of Anglo-American history, culture, values, and technology.

The journey begins with a knight in the Norman invasion of England in 1066. It ends (for now…) in the permanent migration of our species into space. Along the way, hundreds of technical and social changes mark the human ascent. The reader gains an overwhelming appreciation of our progress and of our human spirit. Most importantly, the reader swells with joy in anticipation of our children's unlimited future.

Simple math reveals that over a billion other people descend from the patriarch of Bacon's line. Therefore, most Anglo-Americans will find the lives of many of their own ancestors detailed in the pages of this astounding book. Bacon treats the reader to just one day in the life of "everyman" as the torch passes from father to son. The twenty-eight episodes of My Grandfathers' Clock are rich in the details of clothing, technology, customs, and beliefs of each generation. Together, they form a mesmerizing tour of the millennium. Unlike the histories of kings, generals, and adventurers, My Grandfathers' Clock is the history of real, unsung men and women, whose ordinary lives depict the extraordinary human journey from the Dark Age to the Space Age.

What could induce ordinary men to leave their families and marginal livelihoods to go on a crusade? What changes did the Magna Carta have on the peasants of the land? How could you as a medieval student reconcile your education with the growing evidence that everything you held to be "true" was wrong, and that to say so was heresy? What was it like to see the plague enter your household? How would you survive the ruined economy in America, between the Revolution and the Constitutional Convention? What lesson would you teach to your students the day after Sputnik changed their future? These and other real-life issues confront the reader, as each father builds a better world for his son. Just in time for Fathers' Day, My Grandfathers' Clock is a poignant study of the fatherly bond, spanning a thousand years of human drama.

A foreword by noted historian and technologist Dr. John Lienhard (host of Engines of our Ingenuity, heard daily on National Public Radio) sets the stage for the journey through time and space. Over four thousand entries in eight hundred indexed topics provide a valuable resource for the serious student of history. Four hundred fifty notes amplify the historical detail, without detracting from the gripping story line. My Grandfathers' Clock is indeed a time machine that will transport readers back to their earliest roots, and will rocket them through the ages towards their children's future in the stars.

Author Profile:
Dr. Jack Bacon has an extensive background as an educator, engineer, and worldwide public speaker for the nation's space program. He is also fortunate to descend from one of the world's deepest-known genealogical lines. In My Grandfathers' Clock, he blends and shares both remarkable facets of his life. A graduate of Caltech and of the University of Rochester, he is a NASA engineer working on the design, assembly, and operation of the International Space Station- the most complicated and expensive undertaking in human history. Dr. Bacon has been a featured spokesperson in dozens of TV and radio interviews around the word. He has presented to over 300 live audiences across the US, as well as in Australia, Canada, Continental Europe, England, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, and Russia. He is one of the world's leading authorities on mankind's technological history, and on our ultimate destiny together in space.

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