History in the Making


From the schoolhouse out to the global arena and into the cosmos, History in the Making prepares today’s professionals for the astounding journey ahead.  Your staff will be energized and motivated to develop the full potential of every student in your district and every employee of your creative staff as key participants in this pivotal period of human history.


With rave reviews from around the world, Jack Bacon’s History in the Making program is an educational and inspiring event that is especially well-suited as a kickoff to the corporate or academic year.  It’s not about history that has been.  It’s about the history that is yet to be, made richer by those with a complete and diversified education, interacting with tomorrow’s technology.   Beginning with participatory exercises that demonstrate how the human brain acquires and stores information, Jack explores the educational process and demonstrates the potential of every educated individual in each new generation.  He shows how each generation builds upon the knowledge of the ages.  By adding to that knowledge, each generation evolves its society, makes its mark in history, and advances the human species. Jack ties all his teachings together with evidence and the rationale of how and why in the current generation the pace of human intellectual development has begun to accelerate in unprecedented rates. Such development has gone from an historical doubling time of approximately once per generation to a modern pace many times faster. History in the Making ends with a thrilling tour of some of the technologies, trends, and challenges that will form the foundation of the world that your staff will shape.  Following the lecture, Dr. Bacon eagerly consults with groups of your specialists, fostering innovative thoughts on all fronts.


It’s the perfect start to your year.  Full of hope, help, and vision, History in the Making elevates the importance of education and celebrates motivated contributors in all subjects. It explores how we learn, how we create new knowledge, and how your staff has the unbounded potential to advance all of humankind. It celebrates the individual protégé and the individual mentor. Most importantly, it brings satisfying and fulfilling perspective and pride to those who accept the unprecedented challenge and importance of teaching and reaching young minds in today’s world.


History in the Making has already dazzled audiences across England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and dozens of US states.   Portions of this presentation have been incorporated by the Texas Education Association in the motivational video Countdown to Your Future.  Professional groups in dozens of companies have raved about this event.  Now you can have a live presentation for your staff and for the teachers of your local school district!  They’ll be talking about it for years.


Technologist, futurist, historian, educator, author, cognitive scientist, and worldwide speaker Dr. Jack Bacon is scheduling this year’s tour.   After fifteen years, twenty-eight countries, and over a thousand appearances, he’s packaged his very best work in a comprehensive, uplifting foundation especially for you.   Don’t miss this chance! Past clients have been so thrilled with Dr. Bacon that we guarantee your audience’s satisfaction.


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History in the Making is a $5000 event, which may be repeated for no additional cost many times in a single day.

Several school districts have been able to bring Jack in at little or no expense by getting corporate sponsorship for the event. We can let you know how that can be accomplished!