Synopsis: The Parallel Bang


Humans have been doubling what we know and what we can do every 30 years since the Renaissance, and after each lifetime of such change, it is always easy for an older person to believe that life is now "too fast".


If you step back and take the broader view, you can soon see that in THIS generation, they might be right. The pace is showing lots of signs of actually picking up in many facets of society, giving new reasons to share in our elders' bewilderment. Economic cycles are ten times shorter than a century ago, manufacturing efficiencies are taking off at greater rates, global communication and digital storage are essentially free, and basic science and technology are making huge leaps that defy the 30 year doubling rule.


If the universe started with a Big Bang, it appears that human understanding of that universe now going through an explosive new creation of its own. A shift in human society is going on today that will totally eclipse the growth increases of the Renaissance, and history will look back at this decade with reverence and awe. We'll explore some of the data that supports this prophecy, and look at what may happen to the world as we go through this "Parallel Bang" of understanding.